Alex Hernández

Portrait of Alex Hernández

CTO at Elma. Engineer, passionate about product development from a comprehensive point of view. Microservices architecture specialist.

Some of my articles

Some of my background

CTO at Elma

Leading the IT team in the journey of converting Elma to a whole new health insurance in Spain from 2019.

Senior backend engineer at eDreams

From the former engrande team, helping to improve content and product microservices. Introducing some Hexagonal architecture concepts.

Backend team lead at Zeelo

Leading the team on the refactor of backend code. Refactor of the whole infrastructure using Terraform and other automation tools.

Senior backend engineer at Wonga

Up to 4 years helping to build the backend of this pioneer fintech in the spanish area. Collaborating in the implementation of a whole new infrastructure in AWS.

Senior backend engineer at Atrapalo

Working in the restaurants team, I tried to help introducing sphinx search engine to the restaurant search tool.